Try Out The Best Pies in Dubai

Try Out The Best Pies in Dubai

If you are a pie-lover, searching for pies near your new home can be an important aspect. Keep it under consideration when searching for villas for sale in Dubai. Pie is a pleasant culinary harbinger of simpler times when leftovers from the previous day were mixed with dough and other ingredients to make a delectable dinner. A piping hot pie symbolises union, warmth, and affection, whether it’s packed with wonderfully juicy fruit or a hearty serving of meat and vegetables. There are a variety of choices for those who value the easy pleasures of this age-old delicacy.

Best Places to Get The Best Pies in Dubai

Warm and savoury pies are the two most popular types of pies. These are frequently made with meat, lamb, and potatoes, while sweet dishes are frequently made with milk, honey, butter, and/or diced or whole fruits.

BB Social Dining

BB Social Dining, one of the finest restaurants in DIFC, is renowned for serving several of Dubai’s best apple pies. Their apple wonton waffle apple pies, eaten with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream, are delectable!

Yalla Momos

Yalla Momo’s apple pie and momos combination is a must-try for fusion cuisine fans. The momos spices are combined with the crunchiness of the pie in this bowl. They even deliver to your house.

First Crust

First Crust, a Dubai-based online pie store, will bring traditional, baked apple pies straight to your front door. Their apple crunch pies are made from the best ingredients and come in a variety of sizes.

Clinton Street Baking Company

Clinton Street Baking Company serves an indulgent pecan pie with maple syrup and a fluffy butter crust. You should add a huge scoop of organic ice cream for another AED 8.4! This restaurant also serves some of Dubai’s best pumpkin pie.


It’s all about the almonds, milk, butter, and sugar in pecan pies. Fuddrucker’s soft, home-style pecan pie captures the distinct flavour of this famous comfort snack. Get a pie next time you shop at Spinney’s, situated inside the restaurant’s premises.

Famous Fave’s Barbeque Dubai

Famous Dave’s Barbecue, which is well-known for its smoky barbecue dishes, also serves pecan pie in Dubai. The pastry, which is filled with praline and nuts, has a distinct chewiness about it. On your next shopping experience to Dubai Festival City Mall, be sure to stop by this place!

Pastel Cakes Dubai

Pastel Cakes has evolved from modest beginnings to becoming a trusted brand in Dubai. Along with various desserts, they serve delectable banoffee pie in Dubai, with generous portion sizes and reasonable prices.


Looshi is all about sweets, from crispy macarons to delectable pies. You should find them if you’re looking for a delicious banoffee pie in Dubai. They also have an online store where you can choose the size and quantity of your parts. The shipping expense is estimated at the time of purchase.

The Rose And Crown

This British bar in Dubai is a perfect spot to sample conventional shepherd’s pie. You won’t want to lose out on the minced lamb with carrots, peas, and soft mashed potatoes!

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is a well-known brand. It has several outlets in Dubai and offers a wide variety of cuisines. This eatery offers a variety of comfort dishes, ranging from small plates to large meals. That being said, their shepherd’s pie is one of their most famous dishes! Though you are welcome to visit either of their locations, don’t overlook their branch in the Dubai Mall.

The Underground Pub

The Underground Bar, situated in the Habtoor Grand Resort, is another location in Dubai where you can get shepherd’s pie. There’s a lot more to their pie than just meat and vegetables. Baked beans are in the filling, which is also covered with cheddar cheese!


261 is a casual dining establishment that offers British, Indian, Thai, and Mexican food. In Dubai, steak and Guinness pie are available. The pie is eaten in a puff pastry crust with crispy fries and is dripping with gooey perfection.

Bob’s Fish & Chips

Bob’s Fish & Chips is a British fast food restaurant situated in the heart of Dubai’s most lively district, the iconic Dubai Marina. Bob’s serves a delectable steak pie with great “crispy on the bottom” pastry. You may also take advantage of their home delivery service.

These are some of the most tempting places for pies in Dubai. Try out all of them when you get apartments for sale in Dubai.