Know about Different Types of Foundations

There is no doubt that makeup foundation is one of the best-selling cosmetics around the globe. Be it a bad skin day or a rashes day, a foundation always comes in handy.

Well! Perfecting the skin with a foundation is not an easy walk. To make the most out of this cosmetic, one needs to understand the coverage, the undertones, or the shade in depth. And thus, choosing the best foundation is believed to be a pretty difficult task.

In fact, it is important to know the chemical components or the ingredients of the foundation as well in order to comprehend whether the foundation has a tendency to oxidize or not. Foundations that oxidize easily are something that people do not want to spend money on.

All in all, knowing the world of makeup foundations is pretty important. In the following section, we have tried to throw some light upon the various foundations that every makeup connoisseur must know about. So, let’s begin!

Liquid Foundation

Indeed, it is a boon for the dry skin beauties. Usually, these foundations come with a pump system. Just take the number of drops you need and blend with a perfecting brush or with a beauty blender.

Powder foundation

If you are looking for sheer coverage, then this is what you need. This type of foundation comes in a powder pressed form. With the help of the puff, you can easily blend the product. If you are looking for a dewy natural look, then this must be your first choice instead of a liquid one.

Tinted moisturiser

A tinted foundation is almost similar to a BB cream. Usually, it comes with an SPF. So, this type of foundation does not provide any coverage to blemishes or scars.

Stick Foundation

In recent times, the popularity of stick foundations have increased a lot. Compact packaging is one of its salient features. In between office meetings, stick foundation can pose as one of the best touch ups.

All these 4 variants are pretty useful and popular these days. To know more about how to choose a foundation or the best foundations, check out Cosmetics Arena. Tell us about the type of consistency you are looking for.