Celtic Rings – A Brief History

Celtic rings can be referred to as claddagh rings or Celtic wedding rings. They have been first discovered over 300 years ago in an Irish village known as the Claddagh, in an Irish word meaning “flat flat stony beach”. The first rings were created of silver and depict two hands holding a heart on the inside of a circle. Over time this symbolism has been expanded into more detailed designs with a heart as the main feature. Today’s modern claddagh ring is a simple one-piece ring with no other jewels.

Celtic wedding rings are popular for their traditional design and Celtic knots used to secure the stones. However, modern Celtic bands incorporate modern elements to create a more contemporary look. Many rings use two rings joined by a single diamond, which symbolizes the love between two people. These bands are usually made in white gold, white, or rose gold. These metals are usually coated with either platinum or palladium, which makes them more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Rings can be made to order so they can be as personalized as the wearer wants them to be. You can design your own ring and add your own personal touch such as adding a set of Celtic knotwork. There are also online retailers that allow you to custom design your own ring. You can find Celtic rings that can be made with any type of metal including silver, gold, platinum, or titanium.

A ring that has multiple diamonds will increase the cost but may not be worth it when it comes to personalization. A ring with just one diamond will cost less but will be a bit more https://www.celticdesirejewellery.com/product-category/claddagh-jewellery/ personal. If you plan to add other gemstones to the ring, consider going with a ring with a larger diamond.

In addition to traditional and contemporary rings, Celtic rings can also be made with different kinds of precious stones. These include cubic zirconium, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or opals. Each stone adds a different color to the metal, which enhances the overall look of the ring. Although these stones are very rare, you can buy them online if you are looking for a truly unique ring.

Rings can be purchased online and shipped to your door for a very reasonable price. Once you receive your ring, you can begin shopping around until you find the ring that is perfect for you.