Are More RAM Modules Greater for Gaming?

It can be common to own this type of question debated in tech forums, so right now we are using a consider the functionality effects of getting four DDR4 memory modules in a twin-channel system, against just two modules. Within this situation all modules are functioning at a similar frequency, use exactly the same timings, and provide exactly the same overall memory capacity.
Twin-channel platforms which include AMD’s AM4 or Intel’s LGA1151 demand two matched memory modules for dual-channel Procedure, including a next pair will only broaden memory ability and received’t upgrade you to definitely quad-channel memory, for that you just’d have to have a Threadripper or Cascade Lake-X processor.
Even so, we have seen exams close to showing a rise in general performance by including two extra modules, allegedly without the need of growing memory frequency, or increasing timings.

DIMM Module Rank Configurations

This can give the four DIMM module configuration a bonus since it will allow a number of open up DRAM pages in Every rank. Even though the ranks can’t be accessed concurrently, they can be accessed independently and This suggests the controller can ship produce data to one rank, when it waits for read through data Beforehand picked from Yet another rank.speakers(zvučnici)
Simply how much of an effects this has on general performance depends on the applying and also the memory controller’s capacity to take full advantage of open web pages. But what all This suggests is, Certainly it’s doable for four modules to improve overall performance above two modules inside of a twin-channel procedure.
Demonstrating that we’ll evaluate a series of benchmarks conducted using a Core i9-9900K and Ryzen 9 3900X processor. Supporting this investigation is Group Group with their T-Pressure Vulcan Z DDR4-3000 memory. They’ve supplied two 8GB modules in conjunction with 4 4GB modules, all using the similar timings.


First up Now we have Get in touch with of Responsibility: Present day Warfare exactly where we see no discernible distinction between two and 4 RAM modules, for both of those AMD and Intel twin-channel platforms. This is probably the sort of general performance you’d hope to discover for the most part, nevertheless it’s not generally the situation.
It’s a similar story with Shadow on the Tomb Raider. The Intel program saw around a 4% general performance Enhance, definitely not large, but it absolutely was a variance that we could reproduce over and over. On Ryzen it didn’t matter, two or four modules manufactured the exact same consequence.
Testing with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was intriguing, we noticed gains for both AMD and Intel when applying four memory modules. The Main i9-9900K’s effectiveness was boosted by nearly seven%, and five% for your Ryzen nine 3900X. Evidently dual-rated memory is of benefit During this title, at the very least below these circumstances. A powerful 1% small effectiveness result in Far Cry New Dawn Using the 9900K. General performance was boosted by nine% and Even though the ordinary body price is scarcely improved, it’s nonetheless achievable you’d notice the amplified 1% very low body charge. The Ryzen 9 3900X method was persistently a couple of frames a lot quicker with 4 RAM modules, although not towards the diploma where you’d observe a difference.

Wrap Up

Installing 4 memory modules inside a dual-channel program can boost performance in certain eventualities. Even so it ought to be made obvious that this may not automatically translate into a 5-7% effectiveness Improve in game titles. For that to come about you might want to be far more CPU minimal than GPU limited and that’s hardly ever the situation when utilizing excellent graphics high-quality settings or hardware configurations.
As an example, we ended up testing that has a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti at 1080p. Expanding the resolution to 1440p will possible end in neutralizing any advantage we just saw Together with the two extra modules as online games turn into predominantly GPU sure. The exact same could well be correct at 1080p utilizing a lesser graphics card.
It’s also value noting that four modules might also Restrict memory functionality within the sense which you might not be equipped to obtain exactly the same frequency and timings that you could with just two modules. In other words, a straight comparison gets very hard to make as There are a variety of variables that should be considered.
The Ryzen nine 3900X is restricted to DDR4-2933 when making use of four modules, Whilst AMD’s Formal spec says the CPU will tackle DDR4-3200 with just two modules. Determined by how fantastic the silicon is, the built-in memory controller may well do a lot better than that. Our chip handles proper as many as DDR4-3600 CL16 memory with four modules, but Regardless of the Restrict, the point is, it’ll go greater with just two modules.