Children’s Eyes on Earth International Youth Photography Contest 2012

First prize: SOS! By Anastasya Vorobko, 8 years old from Russia

This new photo contest was launched earlier this summer by National Geographic photographer, Reza, in association with the Azerbaijan-based NGO, IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action). It aims to raise awareness of environmental issues through the eyes of young people and their photographs.

This year’s winner of the Children’s Eyes on Earth International Youth Photography Contest is 8-year-old Russian Anastaya Vorobko and her photo is entitled “SOS!”

Second prize: Emergency Exit by Juan Carlos Canales, 14 years old from Spain

Third prize (joint): Morning at Situ Gunung by Michael Theodric, 10 years old from Indonesia

Third prize (joint): Fields of Green by Bianca Stan, 14 years old from Romania

Special prize: In The Wind by Sophie Vela, 14 years old from France

Your Choice Public Vote prize: The Last Breath by Kseniya Saberzhanova, 17 years old from Russia