Fragile Earth App

A new app for Apple devices, “Fragile Earth”, is set to become the definitive reference guide for all those interested in science, nature, photography and landscape, and illustrates how our planet is impacted by global warming.

Featuring more than 70 sites such the receding Muir Glacier in Alaska, the impact of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the draining of the Mesopotamia Marshes in Iraq. Also highlighted are the impact of natural disasters including recent earthquakes in Haiti and Pakistan and the tsunami in Japan, and how mining, deforestation and dam building have changed areas of the planet, reports Natasha Baker for Reuters.

Jethro Lennox, head of publishing at Collins Geo, a division of Harper Collins UK which created the app, told Baker, “We don’t necessarily put an opinion on it. We’re just trying to visually portray some of the geographical features and changes around the world.”

“When you’re looking at the earth changing, it’s almost surprising and it shows how amazing the place is,” said Lennox. “For years glaciers have been retreating and advancing, and we don’t really know exactly why this is taking place. But the rate of some of these changes is amazing.”

The app is an extension of the book of the same name which was published in 2006 and is expecting a second printing later this year. Collins Geo plans to continue to develop the app, adding more image sets and other features.

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