View from Above

How awesome is our planet? Here are some great NASA satellite photos that show just how amazing the Earth is!

Earlier this year, NASA’s newest Earth-watching satellite has sent back a breathtaking image of the Earth.

How about some intriguing ice formations off Russia’s coast –during the winter, the peninsula, and its numerous volcanoes, are blanketed in snow, while sea ice forms on the Pacific coastline. As these ice floes grind against each other, they produce smaller floes that can be moved by wind and currents, according to a NASA statement.

The large white patch covering the Yellow Sea in this satellite image is a thick layer of fog, a not uncommon site in this area. The low-lying cloud formation covered an area roughly the size of the Korean Peninsula, stretching nearly 400 miles (900 kilometers) from Korea Bay to the Chinese city of Shanghai.

 Show some love for our planet on April 22! Celebrate Earth Day!