The Endangered Species Print Project

What is it? It’s the ferocious Philippine Crocodile!

Another great effort that shouts “everyone can make a difference!”.

“The Endangered Species Print Project offers limited-edition art prints of critically endangered species. The number of prints available corresponds with the remaining animal or plant populations. For example, only 45 Amur Leopards remain in the wild, so for this edition, only 45 prints will ever be made. An organization whose mission is to the ensure the survival of the species depicted, is chosen to receive 100% of the sales price of each print.” ESPP is a project by artists Molly Schaferand Jenny Kendler.

Here are more samples of their endangered species prints. Get inspired by these artists, get creative, and help the planet!

Indri Lemur
















Guam Micronesian Kingfisher












Amur Leopard












Javan Rhinoceros