I love you as tall as a tree!

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Chocolates may be yummy, roses may be romantic, but trees save lives.

Trees are vital in maintaining a stable global climate.  Trees protect biodiversity. Deforestation has resulted in many floods that have claimed human lives. Why do trees help in the prevention of flooding?

  • Tree roots absorb water from the soil, making the soil drier and able to store more rainwater.
  • Tree roots hold the soil in place, reducing the movement of sediment that can shrink river channels downstream.
  • Some rainwater stays on the leaves, and it may evaporate directly to the air .
  • Leaves reduce raindrop impact, and gentler rain causes less erosion.

So give a real gift of love this Valentines! For only Php300, you can plant a seedling for your loved one. You also receive a 10″x10″ pillow and card to symbolize your wonderful gesture of love.  Email shutterhedge@yahoo.com for details and to place your orders!