We’ve adopted a panda!

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Shutterhedge has symbolically adopted a panda through WWF!

Here are fast facts about the panda from WWF:

  • Pandas are now only found in the mountain ranges of China.
  • The panda does not hibernate because it cannot store enough fat on a bamboo diet.
  • It is now estimated that as few as 1,600 pandas remain in the wild today.

Our cute and cuddly panda is one of the most endangered species! 

WWF-Philippines invites you to make a symbolic adoption this Christmas of a WWF Panda or Dolphin stuffed toy, to help support the organization’s awareness and conservation efforts on endangered animals. For P3000, each adoption kit comes with an adoption certificate and species information card. Be among the first 500 donors and avail yourselves of 2GO’s free delivery of the adoption kits. For donation and delivery inquiries, email adopt@wwf.org.ph or call 02 8956294.